Saturday, January 28, 2012

Je suis perdu!!

It means I'm lost...

Let me tell you my misadventure of looking for La Poste office.

Ok, La Poste is the local post office here in France and I was expecting my parcels to arrive from Malaysia. I've got some important books (more french books) and papers that I needed.  Anyway, most of the time, as my friend told me, the parcels are sent directly to the residence's office by the postman and then we'll pick it up from there. I got my parcels a week and half after my sister sent to our Pos Malaysia..but, I only collected one from the residence's office. I got a ticket from La Poste to pick the other one. You must wonder how did I manage to read the ticket..10 minutes of translating word for word using a dictionary and double confirm from a nice lady at the office. 

Me : Je ne sais pas...errr...La Poste (while pointing at the adress on the ticket)
Nice lady : Aaa...oui....(speaks in french)
Me : *blink*blink*blank*
Nice lady : You speak english?
Me : Yes! merci.
Nice lady : ok, walk out of the residence..turn left and walk you know Dia?
(Dia is a small grocery store nearby)
Me : Yes!
Nice lady : ok, aaa it's just behind Dia..not so far from 'ere.
Me : Ok, thanks.

The next day, at 10.00 am on Friday (Vendredi) morning, I decided to look for the La Poste myself. 

Ok, walking in Grenoble is great because the town is flat and the weather is cold so you don't feel tired easily. But, an Iban that doesn't know how to speak french and not knowing the place, yet, the journey is going to be difficult. So, I walk up the road and found Dia and then I turn in to the parking area and walk behind the store, hoping La Poste to be behind the store. Hah...I thought and hoped wrong...All I saw was a park with kid's playground and more residential homes. On my right was a few rows of shophouses. So, I thought, maybe La Poste was in one of the shophouses. Teeeetttt..nope...I was wrong again. Sh*t..I don't know where's the %@&!*! post office. 

Then, I saw a La Poste van passed by.  So, I followed....but actually, the van was delivering parcels. Takkan la I follow the van until he finishes his round? Then I saw a postwoman on a bicycle. 

Me : Pardon, excuse-moi, madame!
Postwoman : *looked annoyed* Oui? (maybe I should've called her mademoiselle,instead of madame)
Me :Où errr.... La Poste? (while pointing at the address on the ticket)
Postwoman : Aaaa.....(speaks french)....à gauche...(speaks french)....dernier...(speaks french)..à gauche....La Poste.
Me : errr....à gauche... dernier...
Postwoman : Oui, (speaks french)
Me : D'accord, merci...*blank face*

Ok, the keywords I caught from her was left, behind and then left...greaaat...

So, I walked straight passed the shophouses (can't turn left) and the park (can't be at the park) and passed some flats. Then, I saw a lady walking her big dog and decided to ask her for directions. 

Me : Excuse-moi, mademoiselle?
Lady with dog : Oui! (looked happy this time)

I repeated the same sentences I used before. Note that I don't have enough vocabs. So, the lady told me to walk straight, and turn right (droit) and if I see a construction site, I should walk again..actually, I couldn't catch what she said la..but it was something like that. Anyway, I said merci and bid good day (bonne journée) and continued my adventure. Ok, I turned right then....I saw two construction sites. One on my left, and another one across the I just walked straight til I reached the end of the junction. So one construction on my left and one in front...hmmm...should I cross the road, or should I stay on this side and walk up?

Then, suddenly the same lady appeared the other end of the junction to my right and she saw me and I just smiled. I walked up to her and said, "Je suis perdu..." She just laughed and pointed construction site across the road and said something in french and La Poste. I thanked her again and crossed the street.

As I walked pass the site, I saw a pharmacie to my left. This was the pharmacie which the postwoman explained earlier..sigh... front of me...a small sign said, La Poste!!!Oh, I was so happy to find La Poste!!! I wanted to just run and open the door and hug the La Poste man!! wanted...ok..wanted..

Alright, so, I showed the guy at the counter the ticket and he just said, ahh..and picked my box behind the counter and said voila! I signed, said merci and off I walked happily back home with my box.

Oh, what an adventure... I told my adventure to a few of my malaysian friends here and they told me to always bring a pen and paper and tell them to draw for me if I don't understand. *very important note, Sarah*

Ok, à bientot! I end my entry with the stamps my sister had to buy.hehehe...

X-ray of Malaysia stamps

au revoir!


daria said...

babe,hp apa pake ktk sinun? iphone? get an ifon or samsung galaxy or any smartfon with unlimited data plan. i use the map thing in the fon bila2 mek sesat :) if galaxy II kedak kmk nya siap ada navi yg boleh kelaka "turn left, turn right".

Woman IN PinK said...

Yes, I'm gonna get one soon. Kita pakei gps or just refer to google maps? coz sitok nya ada charge lain mun pakei gps phone.

daria said...

galaxy II ada duak2. carik make google map den nak jalan bok bukak gps. kmk suka pake gps sik perlu mata nangga fon time driving. dengar suara jak. shud be free mun ktk amik fon package internet. tapi maybe sinun lain kali oo. kmk make data plan unlimited..